"Mi Patria" means my country in Spanish. "Remendando," comes from the Spanish verb "Remendar" which means to mend or patch a piece of clothing to fix it.

Using this analogy, Remendando mi Patria is my visual expression which evolved from delving deeply into the disturbing political reality of Venezuela my birth country along with the emotional challenges of my own personal reality during this time.

This creative process is a path of healing and gives me the opportunity to speak out against Venezuela's corrupt regime that controls all media within the country. My hope is that my voice will be heard and felt by you the viewer.

Most fabrics used in this series, came from a small suitcase I had filled up years ago with remnants when my children were small and we lived in Venezuela. During that time, I sewed clothing, costumes for the children and quilts and curtains for our home. Pulling these pieces of fabric back out of the suitcase brought up innumerable memories from happy years that I feel are lost in a country I no longer know but I hold onto in the depths of my heart.

In a sense, this series represents a catharsis, a release of my most inner memories painted in the yellow, blue and red of Venezuela's flag and often walled off by barbed wire which is symbolic of the political actions that has created a reality without freedom.